Lost Works

In my youth I wrote much more then I have for some time. Eventually through my high school years I began to save those works. I had notebooks filled with poems and stories that I had kept around me. Upon leaving college in West Virginia the boxes that held those treasures were lost. I do not know if they were taken by my roommate by mistake, or forgotten in the storage bin that I rented; but the simple fact was they were done forever. That tragedy affected me more then I can say and when compiled with other things, it drove me away from writing for a time. That story will be told in another post soon I am sure.

Not too long ago, I found some of the things I had written in high school and I wanted to post one of those today. ¬†Though I must explain first that I have always had a dark side when it came to my creative works. The majority of my role playing characters are considered dark, bordering on evil, they plot behind the parties backs for their own ends, enjoy sneaking and hiding, and are usually in all sorts of shady dealings. I personally enjoy the color black, skulls, vampires and werewolves (not these stupid romantic lover vampires or werewolves), the paranormal, hard music, and many other themes that are considered “dark”. But I should point out that I have never been a goth, I do not have a tragic childhood, and I am not morbid person. In many ways I can be quite the opposite of some of those things. So I can not tell you why many of these things interest me or why my mind walks those paths; ¬†it just always has.

So here is poem that I found from high school. If you can guess what it is about, please comment.


Darkness filled and crossed the land

leaving but an empty hand

Taking those who sing and pray

leaving all that whine away

Making it an empty place

where the dead are laid to waste

Pets are dying, people crying

fires, fires, burn away

No more eating, no more drinking

suffering, suffering, go away

Food is found, in the ground

now the dead are unbound

Shadows shaking, bats are waking

people, people, stay away

Men are dining, women crying

little children are not whining

Light has come, from the sun

darkness, darkness, stay away

No more walking, no more talking

peace has come to stay.