Another Delay

I would like to apologize for my delay again. It seems working on a masters degree is quite time consuming.  But the semester is almost over and I will post as soon as possible. Hopefully next semester I will be a little more timely with my writing. More so, I ask for forgiveness from my love, Michelle. I had told her I would write something to her and am unable to find the perfection within the words so far, or the time to concentrate on it. I do not like breaking what I say if I can help it. She has all ready told me it is all right, but It does affect me not to be able too. Thankyou for your patience again. TJ


Geek Girls

Patrick Rothfuss posted this link the other day on Facebook. Many women have been overlooked as geeks, thought to have lesser skill in games or in their knowledge of topics, and treated as less then men in other geek passions. It is unfortunate that sexiest beliefs still exist today, and especially in countries that do not suppress women in any formal way. I have meet many women over the years that could be in this video, many of them great people with bright personalities. Some I’ve loved as friends, a few I have loved as more, and one currently that I might… or might come to love. Give them the respect they deserve, they have earned it!

About this Blog

My Dark Reality, is a blog dedicated to my personal addiction with fantasy. Here I will write about the struggles between what is real and what is fiction. I will also write about that addiction itself, which I consider a passion that I need to mediate and not wipe away. I am an avid gamer, reader, struggling writer, and all around geek. But I am also aware that at times, I allow this to consume my life so much that it causes other facets of my life to be disrupted. Presently this mainly means my health, but in the past it meant the entirety of my life; social, physical, and emotional stability.