Another Night Awake (Day 2)

Another night where I dream of her before I sleep… if I sleep. I am sure I will, as I did last night when my body gave out and my mind was exhausted. But again that will not come for many hours I suspect. My wolf is a fighter, thought we believe she pushes herself too far at times. I hope she sees that she is not alone and does not have to act as such. Tonight I think about laying with her all night, being one of two that will flank her and support her through the night, as we do in life. In the morning we would go to the beach that she loves and watch her surf the day away. I close my eyes now and I can see the smile that would light up her face. I feel a warmth at that image, one that comes from the joy of knowing someone you love is happy, and a warmth that was lite by spark generated by the curve of her lips… one that always ignites an inferno within my soul.


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