Two Flowers Amidst a Sea of Gold

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf,
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold can stay.

by Robert Frost



Robert Frost is by far my favorite poet. I sometimes wonder how deeply others feel his poetry, it is taught to us at an early age in New England. Though it might not be so any longer. Many of his poems speak so much to my heart and I tend to read them on many occasions. Some reason I do not always remember them fully, until a moment happens here I see the word so clearly. Today, the poem I posted above, “Nothing Gold Can Stay” speaks loudest in my head.




The sunrise I post here speaks volumes to why his poem came to me today. It was taken by my ladies down in the Florida Keys. Though these eyes have yet to lay witness to the sight themselves, I know that they will do so in the near future. How beautiful could this be to behold? I can only imagine and dream of it now.

For as long as I can remember the ocean has been a place that could grant a respite to my mind and soul. It started when I was a child and my family had little money for vacations. But I had a wonderful Aunt whom owned a beach house in Kennebunk Maine. We used that as our vacation going up there several times a year. My aunt was a lonely woman and extremely generous with her hospitality for family.

It was my tradition during those visits to spend a great deal of my time at the ocean. Though I found that the times I loved most were at sunrise and sunset; or at night when I could walk along the beach and dream of possible futures. I found that the ocean was a relaxing force for me and as I grew older I visited it especially when my mind was in chaos. It is unfortunate that I have only been to the ocean once a year for quite a while now. But when I consider that soon I might be living near it, within a short walk away; I wonder how that sort of peace of mind will change me.

Today while those that hold my heart are at sea, I look forward with so much hope to a future where I can unburden my soul and body of the damage I have inflicted upon it. The year to come will be a huge change in my life. I find myself both anxious and excited for what the outcome will reveal to me and to how it will shake my world to its foundation; I am hopeful.

Why do I think so much about a golden sunrise today? Well today is Sarah’s birthday. I have mentioned her in the past a few times, she is ….well my girlfriend. Though I have said she was Michelle’s (my other girlfriend) girlfriend, and hopefully mine one day as well. But today and since this is my blog I will be adventurous or daring. I guess in many ways she is not yet and I do hope that one day she will consider herself to be mine as well. But I simply state that when I think of her or when I talk about her to my family or friends; it is in fact as my girlfriend. I see her and Michelle as one person, one voice, one heart, one body; and while they are separate people and I treat them as such, their bond is such that they are as one. That is how I see it, so they have my heart and my thoughts always.

So Sarah, have a wonderful weekend and a beautiful birthday. Enjoy the magic of that sunset again tomorrow and bask in all the love that Michelle gives you. And my hope is that you feel my heart touching you as well on this special day, and weekend.


6 thoughts on “Two Flowers Amidst a Sea of Gold

  1. Why do you make me cry you mean man. 🙂 Thank you for making me cry. Beautiful words from a beautiful heart and soul. Even measured against the daddy stick you stand out among men. Very few hold a candle to my father in value of heart, strength of character and content of soul. I’m always smiling when I hold you to that measure because you are the gem that stacks up and stands up to that standard.

  2. sarahklum says:

    Thank you for your birthday wishes, your kind words and for just being you. Michelle is right you’re pretty ok for a guy. You’ve got a really big heart I’m certain there’s enough room in there for me as well. Two thumbs way up.

  3. David R says:

    Sorry for stalking your page haha

    I’ve never met you or spoken to you (i’m kinda friend with chelly) , but reading your page, i can see why she likes you. You seem like a really solid quality person.

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